18 november 2011 / lifestyle / indonesia

With the tag “wood experience,” TrystLiving focusses on the inherent qualities of teak, mahogany and sonokeling rosewood – all locally grown in Indonesia – to create durable practical furniture pieces that are also easy on the eye. 

Experimenting with colour, texture and shape of wood, the team of young designers creates sofas, tables, chairs and cabinets that are studies in simplicity and minimalism. The Blues Cabinet, with its simple wooden body and stainless steel legs that cut through the piece, is a perfect example of the restrained approach so characteristic of the brand. TrystLiving’s CEO, Zacky Badrudin, says that the success of brand comes from the art of ‘listening’ to the material and letting it “speak for itself.”

Jl. Kemang Utara No.17A, Jakarta. +62 21 719 3315.

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