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11 december 2013 / art / words alice davis

A new exhibition in Singapore brings together a wealth of Asian artists – an eclectic selection of striking works united by the artists’ infatuation with nature.



A new exhibition at Art Forum  gallery brings together 13 Asian artists’ work, each piece inspired by nature. The artists come from Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and China, and each takes inspiration from the natural world, and from the natural world’s relationship with the urban world. The artists participating in the Other Nature exhibition use a range of media, from installation and sculpture to photography and oil on canvas.



“Pink Torso” (left) and “Speckled Canopy” (right) by Bary Cha Cha


Bary Cha Cha is a Singaporean artist who works with a variety of media, with photographic works that juxtapose the authenticity of nature with elements of the surreal, while exploring the power and potential of natural light. In “Pink Torso” an intense pink fabric is set against a weathered tree branch. In “Speckled Canopy” the dark vein-like branches of the trees stand out against the light sky above.



“Yellow Green” (left) and “Green Apple With Stem” (right) by Tian Mangzi


Oil painter Tian Mangzi, who hails from China, paints apples. His intricate close-up still lifes stem from his disillusionment with humanity – each apple for him represent a new planet free of the ills of this one. Singapore’s Shih Yun Yeo presents silkscreen works that explore our experience of understanding of time. Her abstract black and white works investigate the relationship between dark and light, chaos and order, and change. The show runs through 18 January.


“Even the Lightest Breeze no. 19” by Shih Yun Yeo


Other Nature runs from 3 December through 18 January 2014 at Art Forum, 82 Cairnhill Road, Singapore. Admission is free.

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