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19 december 2013 / interior / words asih jenie

Here’s a look at how to make a workplace somewhere you actually want to be.


Slattery Australia by Elenberg Fraser



Who would have thought of taking sci-fi blockbuster TRON: Legacy as inspiration for the office of a quantity surveying and cost engineering firm? Elenberg Fraser did that for Australian company Slattery, with a surprisingly spectacular result. The Melbourne-based architecture firm applies the movie’s sleek lines and emphasized geometry to the office, but switches its fluorescent hue for a muted, understated palette. The finished interior of the office looks almost like a real-life, inverted version of the movie. Vast expanses of white and blonde timber dominate the surfaces while here and there bold black details and graphics pack a sophisticated punch, keeping the space formal yet far from boring.  

Locale Living Office by Herman Miller 



Granted, this one is not an actual office, but an intelligent office furniture concept from Herman Miller’s up and coming Living Office collection. Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin from design firm Industrial Facility, Locale took over two years and required more than 40 engineers to develop. Dubbed by the creators as a physical manifestation of a social network, Locale organizes the office into cluster of activities along a linear element called the Workbase which creates boundaries and definition in an open-plan office. Locale encourages spontaneous and productive interactions by bringing different functions together with its various adjustable add-ons and individual settings without having to rely on architectural-scale social devices like communal eating area or open stairs.

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