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18 september 2013 / interior / words asih jenie

Beauty may only be skin deep, but a truly great beauty parlor needs to be designed to the bone. Here are three such establishments.


Arkhe by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects, Chiba, Japan



Images by Atsushi Ishida (Nacasa & Partners Inc)


A sophisticated yet playful nod to hair care, the sculptural ceiling of this Japanese beauty salon is designed to express the flow of water. Arkhe, from the Greek word arche refers to the element of origin, which often represented by water. “Water is the source of all life,” says the architect Moriyuki Ochiai, “And this space projects an image of clarity as a beauty salon in pursuit of the origin of beauty.” Assembled from detachable aluminum sheets, the installation bounces lights to create shimmering underwater effects and allows easy moving or remodeling.


Neo Derm by Beige Design, Hong Kong



Catering to the young and the aged with a wide range of service that runs the gamut from indulgent touch-ups to invasive procedures, this high-end medical aesthetic center is a fine blend of the clinical and the hip. Hong Kong-based design firm Beige Design elevates a typical stark white interior with dashes of “line” and “lime,” responding to the brief’s demand for dynamism, youth, and energy. Linear strokes on walls, ceilings and furniture serve as subtle details and guiding signage while here and there pops of vibrant green highlight some chosen areas and offer respite from the otherwise colorless scenes.


Sultans of Shave by Camiel Weijenberg, Singapore



Located at the heart of the business district, this men’s grooming parlor aims to bring old world glamor back to one of the oldest yet most under-appreciated trades. Sultan of Shave promises gentlemanly pampering in form of classic wet-shaves and cuts performed by trained hands with true-to-tradition approach and an exquisite range of products. Clad in quilted leather and polished dark wood paneling, the interior of the premium barbershop is also fitted with a posh little bar — which doubles as a reception — with a beverage list that caters to discerning tastes.



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