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24 july 2013 / interior / words adele chong

Subtle style and highly visual displays define a trio of hip new retail outlets.


i.t by Wing Tai Asia, Singapore

Hong Kong brand i.t recently opened this dapper new concept store in Singapore. Housed in Wisma Atria, the venue’s interiors pledge true allegiance to the brand’s thumb-on-the-pulse sensibility; understated materials like floor-to-ceiling polished wood, black metal framework as well as a pared-back color scheme serve to open up the space, complementing the street-savvy collections on display rather than overpowering them. A flurry of mirrors coupled with strategically placed display islands showcasing fashion-forward must-haves perpetuate a dynamic yet restrained effect storewide, leaving shoppers dazzled and not thoroughly inundated by the hip factor.


Incase by 2 Rabbit, Seoul

It’s safe to say that Incase’s ongoing mission to “provide a better experience through good design” is made good by the launch of its Korean flagship store. Known for fashioning products that make technology a more seamless, attractive part of our lives, the American brand has smartly opted for interiors that play up both functionality and style. Minimalist surfaces spanning 121 sqm. take precedence, enhanced by bold accents such as glossy white flooring and thoughtfully clustered display blocks bearing cool offerings such as classic Incase messenger bags. A looming white grid supports bright track-lighting, adding a strong graphic component to the modern premises. 


Camper by NendoNew York

Addressing the concept of “shoes that walk freely in the air,” Camper’s default design studio of choice, Nendo, has come up with yet another eye-catching store installation for the Majorca-based shoe brand. Confronted with the dilemma of creating an intimate setting within the high-ceiling venue, the Japanese practice focused on saturating the walls of the new New York store with white resin models of Camper’s best-selling Pelotas shoe. Blending in with the white and gray interiors, a floating effect is achieved through the installation. Simultaneously orderly and eclectic in feel, the chic setting highlights the real stars of the venue – Camper shoes – which punctuate the space with refreshing hints of color. 

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