Creation Starts Here

16 october 2013 / architecture / words alice davis

The Centro Roberto Garza Sada is the new school building for the departments of art, architecture and design at a Mexico university. Architect Tadao Ando used the creative nature of these disciplines as inspiration.




Smooth silver concrete and clear glass: the materials chosen for the new addition to the University of Monterrey in Mexico. The effect is a salute to a blank canvas, an empty page – the start of all creation. Tadao Ando drew on the function and purpose of the school of art, architecture and design, which is christened Centro Roberto Garza Sada, and its reason for being. Arriving at the idea of the building as the “Gate of Creation,” Ando created the severe and unforgiving exterior, its V-shaped underbelly slashed out of the stone. But inside, the space opens up. A lengthy staircase traverses the space, light falling in through the open stairwells, while curves of concrete and public spaces invite communication and interaction, collaboration and creativity.



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