The Art of Living

24 december 2013 / international design scene / words adele chong

01-02 Playtime chair; 03-05 Playtime table; 06 Playtime flooring.


A foldable furniture set by two Berlin-based designers turns DIY assembly into a colorful affair.

Seemingly made with design-savvy nomads in mind, the Playtime Collection by Berlin-based designers Ying Zhang & Ida Thonsgaard is a portable living space brimming with personality. Comprising a chair, table and flooring, the duo’s pared-down pieces are purposefully light on frills, making room for a heavy dose of whimsy in the form of brightly printed patterns cozily evocative of traditional Scandinavian knitwear. Origami is an apparent inspiration as well as a throwback to Zhang’s Asian roots; its presence is unfurled in multiply foldable parts, fashioned out of thin wooden sheets, that deftly overlap, double up and transform into one-of-a-kind pieces that playfully engage with the user. There’s fun to be had in the assembly as well as the utilization of the objects; lightweight and user-friendly, the initially flat pieces click seamlessly into place with the help of virtually invisible magnets while the flooring is sensibly pieced together via click joints. A breeze to transport, rearranging the furniture never seemed so much like child’s play.

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