Limitless Possibilities

31 may 2013 / international design scene / words asih jenie
Good ideas need good material, and often, it’s material’s performance that determines the fate of a design. 
Most designers and architects would agree that the hardest part of creating something is translating the idea into reality – especially when it comes to finding the right materials for a project. Enter HI-MACS, a new generation of Solid Surface from LG Hausys.
The non-porous, smooth surface offers a number of benefits over conventional materials: low maintenance, resistance to household chemicals, outstanding price-performance ratio, seamlessness and flexibility. These progressive traits, added by growing numbers of available colors and a unique 15-year warranty, create limitless possibilities in design. Examples of the creative use of the material are apparent in the Air Kitchen range by British brand deVol and the refurbishment of Reuters headquarter by French architecture Studio 16k.
As its name suggests, Air Kitchen by deVol looks like it is suspended mid-air. Air’s island and cupboards stand on spindly stainless steel, emulating the sensuous line of those vintage artifacts you desire but you can never have – the hull of a traditional boat, an Airstream caravan, Marc Newson’s Lockheed chaise lounge. The collection combines oak frame, laminated aluminum curving panels and HI-MACS solid surface to create a sleek and decidedly retro kitchen. The HI-MACS is especially responsible for keeping the lines pure and intact; it is designed as cabinet doors and drawers with a discreet letras dimple marking the spot of its single-touch opening system.
Reuters’ headquarters is located inside the prestigious 1930s Haussmann Building in Paris undergoes extensive refurbishment of its lobby, reception, boardroom, cafeteria, restaurant and central indoor garden. In compliance with the client’s brief to use improved fire-resistant material in the remodeling, 16k designed a series of seating pods made from HI-MACS solid surface on its open reception and transit area. The seating pods house comfortable seats and large planters containing palm trees, evoking the atmosphere of a lush oasis. The curvilinear form encourages interactions and the solid white surface acts like a screen, partially hiding the inside from the rest of the room, making each pod suitable for impromptu meetings and discussions. In the end the public area has not only met the safety regulations, but is also pleasant and highly functional.
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