PVC Perfection

12 december 2013 / fashion / words asih jenie

Taiwanese studio Haoshi Design blends the simple and the whimsical in Silhouette series.


Migratory Birds necklace


On paper, an animal-shaped plastic necklace sounds more like a complimentary “Warning: Choking Hazard” accessory packaged with a Barbie doll than the kind of adornment that can turn plain outfits into sophisticated ensembles. So in many ways, Silhouette by Haoshi Design comes as a surprise.



Two Birds necklace (left) and Birds necklace (right)


The Taiwanese design studio’s latest PVC necklace collection is a perfect blend of the simple and the whimsical. Intricate silhouettes such as those of perching birds, migrating swans and intertwining vines are distilled down to clean lines in PVC sheets with Haoshi’s signature matted white color. Each piece is entirely handmade and integrated with an easy slot-in clasp.



Fish necklace (left) and Vine necklace (right)


Read more about Taiwanese Jewelry Designers in our December-January issue of Surface Asia.

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