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18 november 2013 / fashion / words alice davis

We bring you four great S/S 2014 collections from October’s fashion week in the South Korean capital.


PartspARTs Imseonoc 

Art-inspired fashion brand PartspARTs launched a youthful collection of contemporary silhouettes splashed with brightly colored shapes and geometric details. Aiming to be both practical and professional, the garments reflect the brand’s modern outlook. PartspARTs also adopts a no-waste, sustainable manufacturing process.


J Koo 

You have to love J Koo’s summer offering, Critical Beatdown – an 80s-themed collection that’s inspired by the Ultramagnetic MC album of the same name. The designer used square silhouettes with a focus on silk and cotton, and translated hip hop culture into a visual feast with comic colors and splashy, animated prints.


Kaal E. Suktae 

Chic and edgy, a collection in a serious color palette of black, white and gray lets its abstract structures and progressive silhouettes do the talking. Taking inspiration from a line in the Bible – “The stone the builder rejected has become the corner stone” (Psalms 118:22) – the collection employs wool, leather, organza and mesh and is architectural throughout.


Cres. E Dim. 

Hong Bum Kim was inspired by the works of Dutch product designer Renee Verhoeven, who explores the layers and life of materials. Kim’s garments combine different textiles to create layering and a variety of intriguing shapes and forms, while his digital prints draw on the work of “computational architect” Michael Hansmeyer.


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