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11 november 2013 / fashion / words adele chong

The come-hither lenses of these stylish specs will have you seeing the world in an entirely different light.


Cast Eyewear


Lady Gaga’s Cast sunnies were a vital part of her off-duty wardrobe during her last world tour, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the line of shades. With names like Disco Step Child Granite and head-turning rims that give you an edge over the next guy who wants to wear his sunglasses at night, it’s little wonder scenesters all over are tripping over themselves trying to snag a pair from Cast’s latest collection.



Gentle Monster


Though we love the name, this South Korean brand is anything but a docile beast. Gentle Monster has been making waves since launching in 2011, and with 300 shops and counting across the nation, it’s showing no signs of letting up. The experimental appeal of its shapely eyewear has recently spread to Europe, signaling potential for world domination.





Launched by owner Daigo Kamuro in 1996, Kamuro emerged as a modest eyewear shop in Tokyo’s Ginza district. Nearly 17 years later, local and international clientele alike are clamoring for its unique brand of beautifully crafted frames merging the dynamism of European design with colors and dimensions that thoughtfully flatter Asian faces. Quirkily fashioned, recent additions such as Frill, Yuki and Stella perfectly exemplify the sublime East and West combo.



by Oh My Glasses


Not for the introverted, the Hachill collection by the upscale Hong Kong brand Oh My Glasses is all about strutting your stuff. Splashy frames, chunky shapes and lenses in far-out colors give wearers a license to chill all while exuding the devil-may-care nonchalance of fashion arbiters that play by their own set of rules.



Sheep Studio


Bangkok-based Sheep Studio’s latest collection embodies fun, functionality and style – in that order. Classic yet contemporary in feel, the brand’s best-selling trio – Candy, a lively vintage-inspired design featuring vibrantly hued plastic; Spox, a wind-shield attached piece sensibly made with lightweight metal; and Jean Crystal, a rosily tinted near-transparent number – boldly does this justice.



Collaboration Collection
by Wuhao x Smith & Norbu



A collaboration between Beijing based curated shop Wuhao and Hong Kong brand Smith & Norbu, this meticulously handcrafted range is sure to be a classic in the making. A culmination of locally and ethically sourced materials such as Tibetan yak horn, leather and Mongolian horsehair, these optical masterpieces, coupled with recycled cotton paper boxes, seamlessly merge style and sustainability.



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