Well-heeled Woman

11 october 2013 / fashion / words alice davis

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s must be via her feet. The most fetishized of wardrobe accessories, available in a never-ending array of styles, from the break-neck high to the firmly grounded, shoes are the simplest way to transform an outfit, express a mood or grab attention. When it comes to getting a woman noticed, these shoe designers walk the walk.


Noritaka Tatehana


Brought to the world’s attention by Lady Gaga, Noritaka Tatehana’s gravity-defying shoes push the boundaries of footwear design. The Japanese craftsman developed his trademark look after using yuzen, a dying technique, to create kimonos and clogs. Tatehana’s custom-made shoes come in a variety of colored leathers, embossments and crystals.


Heavy Machine



Taiwanese designer Michelle Wu creates her line of bold shoes from her base in Italy. Atypical shapes and strong silhouettes define Heavy Machine, and Wu’s F/W 2013 collection features nature-inspired graphic prints on wool – an unusual but striking offering for feet that tell a story. Each print is available in either a loafer or a high heel.


Youngwon Kim


Youngwon Kim presented a graduate collection inspired by postmodernism. The innovative and original young designer expresses her philosophy through overturning accepted ideas about form and function, and an example of this is in her interchangeable heel, a mechanism through which the wearer can alter the look of the shoe.


Gaspard Yurkievich


Paris-based fashion house Gaspard Yurkievich launched its first shoe collection in 2004. Yurkievich designs twice-yearly collections inspired by the womenswear line. An aesthetic of contemporary couture permeates the brand, and contrasting colors are a common theme.


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