It was while Taiwanese artist Mia Wen-Hsuan Liu was working behind the admissions counter at the Guggenheim Museum in New York that she decided to dedicate all of her time to art. “During that year, I realized that if I didn’t try to become a professional artist, I would be selling tickets at the museum my entire life,” the 33-year-old says.
Up to speed on both code and couture, Malaysian fashion designer Joyce Wong offers an inspired take on functional fashion.
The finest creative talents from across the Asia-Pacific region collaborate on a project that captures each of their different urban landscapes and cultures.
A foldable furniture set by two Berlin-based designers turns DIY assembly into a colorful affair.
What is the ideal city? That’s the question driving the fourth edition of the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (better known by its less unwieldy acronym, UABB) which opens to the public last week in Hong Kong. From now until the end of February, dozens of installations, talks and performances will explore how to build the best possible city.
Here’s a look at how to make a workplace somewhere you actually want to be.
Inspired by colorful journeys through India and Japan, Royal Selangor’s recent collections showcase the Malaysian brand’s penchant for innovation.
As Thailand descends into yet another political crisis—a reiteration of the same confrontations that have plagued the country since 2005, coming dangerously close to civil war in 2010—it might seem odd to dedicate an issue to the country’s design scene. But for all its social and political cleavages, Thailand remains united in its essential creative prowess, with a legacy of skilled fabrication, local materials and distinctive cultural sensibilities that will serve it well in the future.
Armed with a can-do attitude and a daringly playful approach, Thai studio Supermachine injects a dose of whimsy into big and small projects alike.
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