25 july 2011 / design / words olivia hidajat
1.  Sharina Bi's Adapt;  2. Yulia Saksen's Chapter 57;  3. Kimming Yap's Jiak;  4. Kimming Yap's Terra
With an exhibition titled Treasures of the Little Red Dot, design collective Creativeans incorporated slices of Singaporean life and culture into their designs, combining regional flavour with modern technology.
Graduates of esteemed academies such as Milan’s Domus Academy, Central St Martin’s and the University of New South Wales, Creativeans’ design quartet Kimming Yap, Yulia Saksen, Sharina Bi and Khairul Hussin were requested by the Milan Salone Satellite (the new designer showcase at the Milan International Furniture Fair) in April 2011 to exhibit Singaporean design, incorporating slices of Singaporean life and culture into their creations.
The result was modern interpretations of Singapore’s tradition, heritage, and lifestyle in an exhibition titled Treasures of the Little Red Dot. Sharina Bi’s Adapt represented the slowly vanishing trades in Singapore, such as dressmaking, fortune telling and key-making, with a collection of brightly-coloured table attachments in green, lapis blue, bright red and canary yellow; each with objects signifying the dying professions. Yulia Saksen highlighted one of Singapore’s biggest quirks with Chapter 57: a playful white and purple fluorescent lamp reminiscent of a discarded and stretched piece of chewing gum, while Kimming Yap’s Jiak (meaning “Eat” in the Chinese-Hokkien dialect) comprised multicoloured ceramic sauce and dish holders, inspired by a culture where spices are an essential element of the local cuisine. Terra represented Singapore’s rapid development, fast-paced lifestyle and the need for multifunctional devices through Kimming Yap’s sleek, black aluminum desk accessory with built-in cable organiser, USB port and pen tray. Pieces from the exhibition were manufactured by local craftsmen using locally sourced technology, preserving the regional flavour while incorporating modern mechanics in the collection.    
After wrapping up their Milan Salone Satellite 2011 exhibition, Creativeans is gearing up for the Tent London 2011 – taking place from 22–25 September in the Truman Brewery – exhibiting the same pieces from Treasures of the Little Red Dot. With headquarters in Milan and Singapore, and winning international awards such as the winner of the Sound Innovation Award in 2009 and the Salone Satellite Award in 2011, Creativeans is moving closer toward its goal of establishing Singapore as an emerging creative hotbed, encouraging exchanges between international consumers and Singaporean designers.
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