red dot awards 2011 Category: Mobility

25 november 2011 / design


01 CF

Designer: Park Younkwan, Lee Youngjin, Kim Junghan, Jung Gyusang, Kim Euisik, Lee Naesoo (South Korea)

Company: Doosan Infracore

The CF is an intelligent concept forklift being targeted for release in 2020. It combines‘maximum usability and operation’ with features that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe.


02 The SORA: Electric Motorcycle

Designer: Martin Aubé, Jean-Pierre Legris, Francis Bernier, Ghislain Roy, Alexis Giroux, Guillaume Carle (Canada)

Company: The Creative Unit Inc.

Partner company: Lito Green Motion

Inc. SORA is a new-generation electric motorcycle and a ‘super machine.’ Featuring a sleek design, state-of-the-art engineering, and superior speed and performance, the SORA superbike – part custom bike, part sport bike – delivers an unparalleled riding experience.


03 Leverage Freedom Chair

Designer: Jung Geun Tak, Jake Childs (USA)

Company: Continuum

Partner company: MIT Mobility

Lab Wheelchairs bring the gift of mobility to millions of disabled individuals, until rough terrain gets in the way. What if people could gain more flexibility regardless of nature’s conditions? The Leverage Freedom Chair shows how this is possible.


04 VALTRA ANTS – Farming the Future

Designer: Robert Bourghardt, Hans Philip Zachau, Patrik Palovaara, Kimmo Wihinen, Hannu Niskanen (Sweden)

Company: Lighthaus Industrial Design

Partner company: Valtra Inc.

ANTS is a modular solution. It comprises two basic modules: the soldier (with a power of some 100kW) and the worker (with a power of 200kW). The modules can act together or work individually. It offers a customised power source, improved efficiency, minimised environmental impact, pronounced flexibility, maximum versatility, and improved comfort in a platform that can be adapted to the wider range of needs of future farming.


05 E-Vul Concept Car of 2030

Designer: Chao Chin-Wei, Huang Wan-Ting (Taiwan)

School: Chaoyang University of Technology

E-Vul is a concept car for the year 2030. This electric-powered inter-city vehicle was developed after consideration of changing environmental issues, people’s living status, and the impact of new energy technologies.


06 Massimo 55 iS concept

Designer: Mladen Milosevic (Serbia)

This mega-yacht concept brings new dimensions to yachting with its computer-controlled deck surface.


07 Pony Stroller

Designer: Zou Huan (China)

Pony is an unconventional baby stroller. When the parent needs to rest, Pony can provide a seat. It also narrows the distance between parent and baby to increase interaction and communication. The folding Pony concept turns the stroller into a communication platform for parent and baby.


08 Tractor NOVO Concept

Designer: David Polasek (Chez Republic)

How might the tractor look in a couple of years’ time? Perhaps something like NOVO. This conceptual tractor design transitions between present-day and futuristic autonomous tractors.


09 Mission R

Designer: Timothy Prentice (USA)

The Mission R is a high-performance electric racing motorcycle designed for international racing competitions and as a development test bed for new class-leading electric-drive systems. It incorporates unique electrical technologies and advanced software to achieve new levels of performance and efficiency for alternative-energy vehicles.

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